I am Noah Lhomi, a visual storyteller based in Lynchburg, Virginia. I am from Kathmandu Nepal but I came to the United States to further improve my skills by going to a film school. I always had a huge appreciation for all mediums of art. It is so fascinating to see the creativity in people to come alive.

My journey as a visual storyteller began with my interest in sketching. But once I got my camera I traded the sketching part with taking pictures and have not stopped taking pictures since. That journey began back in 2011 and it is still going strong. I eventually transitioned to filmmaking and has been loving both as a career. On my journey as a visual storyteller so far, I have met a countless number of people, made friends with strangers, build more relationships.

I have shot a bunch of weddings, worked in camps, shot commercials for local businesses, worked for different organizations but most importantly I have built relationships. I have had to privilege of seeing good in people just because of this device called CAMERA.

If you want to know me more and also work together to create something beautiful Let's work together and make it happen.